Thursday, January 17, 2013

Master Unblocker Free Download for PC

Master Unblocker software free download for pc Review:

Stuck at school or at work with deadening boredom? Restricted access to your favorite websites like Facebook, youtube or Myspace? Our Master Unblocker Tools will allow unrestricted access of any site you wish.

Using Proxy Tools:


Using Proxy tools is the easiest way to access restricted sites. The most popular tools are HotSpot Shield and UltraSurf. All you need to do is install one of those software and run it. You can automatically browse in private with in your browser.
Online Proxy Sites :-  You can easily access restricted sites through online proxy sites like HideMyAss , Browser Unblocker and USAproxy. Since these sites are extremely popular , there is a fair chance that they are restricted in your network
You can alternatively use private proxies and anonymous proxies because they cannot be blocked by your network administrator. Just google “Proxy list” and use this ip addresses as Proxy.
Those are the most popular Master Unblocker techniques and tools to access sites like Facebook, Myspace, Youtube e.t.c restricted by your network. You can also access websites blocked by your ISP (Like facebook in China)

Pros and Cons of using Proxies

  1. Access restricted sites at your workplace
  2. Stay ‘Under the Hood’ while surfing somewhere you need privacy with Master Unblocker
  3. The Web Privacy which is often quoted as the 21th Century Privacy is said to be at siege by IT professionals. Cookies, IP trackers e.t.c will hound down your privacy all at one go
  4. A public proxy generally tends to be slow
  5. During VPN or Proxy surfing sessions, there is a fair probability of security breach by Proxy host.

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